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To practice archery for the first time in a club, you will only need to wear comfortable sportswear.

In fact, the vast majority of clubs provide their members with the necessary equipment to start practising this precision sport in good conditions.

How to prepare to practice archery?

Beginners in this leisure sport should favour the use of the classic initiation bow. It is only after having mastered the different techniques that one can opt for the classic competition bow. As far as clothing is concerned, the apprentice archer should give priority to shorts or tracksuit bottoms for the lower part of the body. For upper body clothing, loose-fitting clothing is preferred.

Clothing also varies according to the season or the training location. The archer can wear T-shirts, sleeveless clothing, polo shirts, tight clothing close to the body. It is also possible to wear several layers of clothing. Beginning archery initiation requires 5 or 6 arrows, a quiver and protective equipment.

To save time, you can buy second-hand beginner’s equipment in kit form. It is also possible to buy initiation arrows, competition arrows, compound bows, arm protectors, quivers and paddles separately. This option allows you to buy the materials individually.

Various accessories essential to start archery

The beginner archer must equip himself with essential accessories for his safety and to complete his equipment. The blade is made of leather and metal in order to protect the fingers when releasing the arrow. The bracelet, which can be made of copper or plastic, protects the arm that holds the bow when the string is released. The wrist strap is an element that is placed between the index finger and the thumb. It is used to hold the bow when the arrow is released.

Quality of bows and arrows to start archery

An initiation bow generally consists of a handle, branch, string, sight and arrow rest. Initiation bows come in different sizes and limb powers. The selection of the ideal throwing weapon varies according to the size and physical strength of the archer. For example, the classic introductory bow with a 15 to 20-pound branch power is suitable for children’s learning, while the introductory arrows with a 18 to 22-pound branch power are more suitable for adults undergoing archery training.

The length of the arrows is standardised. Arrows are often made of carbon or aluminium carbon. These materials provide the robustness and flexibility needed for the intensity of the practice of this shooting sport.

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