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There is still time to see the exhibition on Charlotte Perriand at the Vuitton Foundation

There is still time to see the exhibition on Charlotte Perriand at the Vuitton Foundation

“To specialists in architecture and design, when we ask them if they know who she is, they exclaim, in an almost offended tone, as if they were taken for ignoramuses, that, yes, but well Sure… To architecture neophytes, but to lovers of art and culture, when you ask the same question, few have heard of her.At best, her name evokes vague reminiscences… ”writes Laure Adler, in her remarkable biography on Charlotte Perriand (ed.Gallimard), to be published on October 3, 2019.

Nothing is more true.This brilliant avant-garde designer (1903-1999), took a long time to penetrate the temple of “illustrious artists of the twentieth century.” Even today, if her furniture is reissued by the famous Italian publisher Cassina, is exhibited in the biggest museums, this architect designer, solar, free, committed, sporty, adventurous, sensual, feminist before the hour, extraordinarily gifted and always so contemporary, takes time to shine in the eyes of the whole world.

“She has been little studied in academia of applied arts, design schools" remarks her daughter, Pernette Perriand."You know, it always takes 15 to 20 years after the death of an artist, for him to- This occupies a place in the history of art.”Sitting in Charlotte Perriand's studio, at the end of a pretty courtyard in the 7th arrondissement, we meet Pernette, surrounded by her lifelong accomplice, Jacques Barsac, relive Charlotte through her archi-documented books.Her 4th and last part "Charlotte Perriand, the complete work volume 4, 1968-1999" (Editions Norma) is mainly devoted to the construction of buildings that she imagined with a team of architects from Les Arcs resort - 4,500 housing units designed from walls to teaspoon.For 18 years, Pernette and Jacques have cataloged all the archives, sketches, drawings, prototypes, and hundreds of photographs of the adventures and travels of Charlotte in Europe, Africa, Brazil, in Asia.She who photographed the world, life, the underprivileged, nature, cultures."She used her camera like a notebook" explains Pernette.

Posted Date: 2021-03-06

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