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Catapults and flaming arrows: a medieval wind blows over Hong Kong

Catapults and flaming arrows: a medieval wind blows over Hong Kong

Hong Kong (AFP) - Wooden catapults, flaming arrows launched with bows, homemade incendiary weapons and bamboo harrows to obstruct the roads: facing the police, Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators combine modern tactics with techniques reminiscent of the Middle Age.

Since the start of the week, a large number of streets, crossroads and roads in the financial center of southern China have been blocked by bamboo harrows and frieze horses, made of cobblestones laid out on the ground.

Universities have become the epicenter of the movement, and over the past few days, some have turned into a real battlefield, with clashes between police and pro-democracy protesters lasting several hours on some campuses .

The students, joined by radical, black-clad pro-democracy protesters - who are usually on the front lines during violent clashes - say they are defending their campuses under threat from police.

Over the days, the more radicals have reinforced the arsenal, until then composed mainly of bricks and Molotov cocktails, with a whole range of improbable weapons.

In the first row are sports equipment, including javelins, bows and arrows, taken from university supplies, and tennis rackets are used to return rubber balls fired by the police.

With the chairs and mattresses of the student rooms, they erect barricades and protect themselves from the shots of rubber bullets.

In one of the most modern cities in Asia, at the foot of skyscrapers, these demonstrators, who daily use new technologies to organize the movement, are inspired by techniques worthy of the Middle Ages.

They built giant wooden catapults to fire Molotov cocktails, trapdoors - a metal trap made of plastic tubes and nails - are placed on the ground to prevent the police from advancing along.a maze of bricks.

Posted Date: 2021-02-03

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